Parts & Service

After sales and service

Proper maintenance can prolong the economical life of a Lowara product with years. Lowara service is worldwide available and if there’s no service location conveniently located, please click here to contact the Lowara Service Team for assistance.

Spare parts

The Xylem commitment to long term reliability means that we supply spare parts for Lowara products years after they are out of production. Lowara components are carefully developed and selected to maximize the performance of the products. In order not to risk the performance of the Lowara product and the entire pump system, be sure to use only genuine Lowara spare parts. View the spare parts lists here

Service documents

Helpful information around service aspects. View the list here.

Failure analysis

How to perform failure analysis on Lowara products. View the documents here.

Winding resistance

Winding resistance data for Lowara motors. View thew list here.

Instruction manuals

The instruction manuals is found on the product pages: See the product section